Establish an inclusive Exhibition Platform for European photography;
Increase professional skills of emerging creators;
Developing new links between creators and institutions;
Enhancing international cooperation between European cultural agents;
Develop transnational mobility of artists and artistic work;
Stimulate the production of relevant artistic contents.


The project will be implemented as a two-phase process:
Creative Guidance: selection, tutoring, peer learning and curatorship for emergent creators.
Exhibition Platform: a wide exhibition network
engaging PARALLEL exhibitors, universities and art schools.

Creative Guidance

Emerging artists and curators will become acquainted, appreciate and observe their previous works and discuss further projects. They’ll then establish a cooperation and create a new body of work to show in the next phase - the Exhibition Platform.

Showcase and Tutoring - Emerging Artists

After an open call, the Platform members select a group of emerging artists who will attend the Showcase. At this event, the emerging artists will show their previous works to the selected curators, PARALLEL Platform members, the public and experts.

Tutoring - Emerging Curators

The emerging curators, also invited through an open call, sit with the exhibitor’s members during a long weekend meeting to present their vision for the PARALLEL project. Each exhibitor will then partner with an emerging curator to pursue further work.

Artistic Guidance - Emerging Artists

During this phase, which can last for an extended period of time and take place in different locations, the emerging artists will develop a body of work, with their tutors’ online support.

Artistic Guidance - Emerging Curators

Each museum/festival welcomes one emerging curator, who will in turn learn about the institution and assist the curator/tutor.


After examining the final artwork created by the emerging artist, the emerging curator organises the final presentation at the exhibitors’ venue.

Exhibition Platform

The exhibitions will display new artwork  and the new work produced during the ongoing cycle. The venues will be open to the public and special presentations will be organised for experts. The Exhibition Platform will also include the PARALLEL Intersection and PARALLEL Publications.

Exhibition Museums/Festivals

Building on the knowledge already acquired in Artistic Guidance and Curatorship activities, the emerging curators will design an exhibition at the PARALLEL Platform members’ venues.

Exhibition Schools/Universities

Universities and Art schools will host the exhibitions produced by their respective emerging creators during the Artistic Guidance.

Parallel Intersection

The key event of the project is the PARALLEL Intersection. It puts together, for the first time, all the work that all the creators produced. It’s also the moment when cycles overlap:  the closing of one year of work and the opening of the next cycle. PARALLEL Intersection is an open event: both the public and the experts can appreciate the work, get to know the creators and learn about the PARALLEL Platform members’ goals and outcomes. In each cycle, PARALLEL Intersection will take place in a different city, travelling across the countries.


For each of the events, PARALLEL will publish a Catalogue and, at the end of each cycle, the PARALLEL Atlas.